B.E. Meyers demonstrates the technology behind the GLARE RECOIL.

BE Meyers/Dillon Aero Helo and HMMWV Combat Applications

B.E. Meyers and Dillon Aero join forces to showcase the capabilities of the B.E. Meyers IZLID and Glare RECOIL combined with the Dillion Aero M134D. The IZLID works as a high powered targeting laser, while the Glare RECOIL acts as an intelligent eye-safe Hail and Warning laser which automatically adjusts it brightness to eye safe levels up to maximum distance.

B.E. Meyers & Co., 40th Anniversary

After 4 days of filming, 3 locations, and a lot of spent brass, we’re proud to celebrate our company’s 40th anniversary with a closer look at the people and products that make B.E. Meyers & Co. Inc. a leader in the defense industry. (

B.E. Meyers & Co. is a developer, manufacturer, and systems integrator of advanced photonics and related products used in defense and law enforcement applications. We provide premier laser targeting and illumination systems for military applications in addition to capability enhancing products for the Warfighter.

Family owned since 1974.
Redmond, Washington, USA.

B.E. Meyers & Co., | Light, Out of Darkness

BEM HMMWV and Ground Based Combat Applications

B.E. Meyers and Dillon Aero join forces to showcase the capabilities of the high powered B.E. Meyers IZLID Ultra and DIAL 100G weapon lasers combined with the Dillion Aero M134D in ground based applications.

The IZLID Ultra is a Class 4 laser with a 990mW power output, resulting in a 7 kilometer maximum range which can be observed by aircraft and friendly forces with standard NODs. The DIAL 100G (AN/PEQ11) is a Class IIIB laser with a 110mW Illuminator and 40mW pointer, optimized for use on crew served weapons and is in service with various branches of the military today.

The control, precision and restraint provided by BE Meyer’s military grade lasers combined with the firepower of the Dillon Aero M134D makes for a potent package

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