Integrated OEM Solutions

Integrated OEM Solutions

Partnering for Success

B.E. Meyers is dedicated to building long-term relationships with our customers. After listening intently to your requirements, we propose rapid trade studies, draft specifications, estimate schedules, and refine the proposal until all program objectives are addressed to your satisfaction. We aim to deliver an overall technical and business solution that will meet or exceed your own customers’ expectations. As a valued partner in your supply chain, we satisfy aggressive delivery schedules and respond to your dynamic inventory needs. We partner with you, providing life-cycle solutions for mission-critical products.

Enhancing Platform Capabilities

Our primary products for system integration are solid-state laser devices that provide unmatched performance for a wide range of defense and security products and applications. Our designs optimize the effectiveness of your system by extending the range of multi-spectral surveillance and weapon employment through covert illumination and target pointing. B.E. Meyers’ devices have successfully enhanced:

– Airborne and ground-based sensor suites
– Stationary and mobile surveillance systems
– Handheld imaging and targeting devices

Expand capabilities of sensor suites and hand-held devices with long range pointing and illumination.Increase mission effectiveness by facilitating rapid target identification.

Effectively mark targets of interest between combat controllers, ground forces, and aviators.

Enhance covert surveillance of low-light and nighttime operations.

Product Quality and Reliability

The ISO 9001:2008-certified Quality Management System (QMS) drives quality assurance and quality control throughout the company. From the start of the design process, our partners can be confident that products will consistently meet expectations. As designs move into production, our full-service Operations structure, including Supply Chain and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, meet performance, reliability, and delivery obligations. B.E. Meyers consistently achieves high ratings from our customers by striving for 100% on-time delivery, quality, and customer satisfaction. We stand behind our products and alongside our customers with best-in-class warranties.

Effective solutions proposed and delivered by a dedicated team for your program challenges.

Superior quality products designed for performance and reliability under extreme environmental conditions.

Flexible manufacturing that adjusts to your dynamic supply chain schedule.

Industry-leading customer service and warranties.

Custom Design and Engineering

B.E. Meyers specializes in tailoring platform and performance options to meet specific needs of system integrators. We work closely with you to establish solution options; design, build, and qualify test units; and ultimately transition products to manufacturing. Customization options for infrared and visible laser modules include:

– Output intensity, divergence, wavelength
– External power, control interface
– Packaging, weight, environment

We have extensive experience delivering battlefield-proven designs built to survive tough operational environments by meeting requirements of MIL-STD-810, EMI, shock and vibration, IPC Class III, as well as other standards. Our engineers continue to meet the challenge of diminishing Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) thresholds while improving performance levels. Our company implements modern engineering practices throughout all aspects of our New Product Introduction (NPI) process, which provides structure from concept through delivery to reach high standards across design and manufacturing. The NPI process effectively minimizes risk to result in predictable achievement of project objectives.

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