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The Engineering Group at B.E. Meyers has extensive experience in all aspects of new product development. This includes product definition, project management, rapid prototyping, design for manufacturability and test, product design qualification and validation to military and commercial standards, custom manufacturing tooling, and high-volume assembly line design. The company uses a New Product Introduction (NPI) Stage-Gate Process, which is a road map for moving a new-product project from idea to launch, dividing the effort into distinct stages separated by management decision gates. A Product Data Management (PDM) System houses critical data, ensuring integrity of engineering changes as products are designed and revised throughout their lifetime.


B.E. Meyers is steadily increasing its research capacity to address the continuing need for new technology that will fuel our next-generation product families. We are actively engaged in converting the latest technology (lasers, illumination, surveillance cameras, night vision, UAV sensor suites, non-lethal technology) into practical device assemblies and end-products. Additionally, we will occasionally develop a long-range, high risk, high reward technology in conjunction with the right strategic partner. Our research team is exceptionally qualified and very experienced in all aspects of contract research from proposal and specification creation to advanced technology demonstrators and prototype deliveries. Our research team has access to all design & test resources of the engineering department (Opto-mechanical, electrical, optical, software, weapon fire simulator, etc.). Our specialty is exceptionally rapid design and assembly of technology demonstrators to facilitate customer validation of new product ideas.


The Operations Group provides a full-service product delivery system utilizing the efficiencies of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System. Our team includes a Manufacturing Technology Group to support manufacturing engineering, process engineering, repair service, and statistical process control support. Supplier relationships and our robust supply chain allow us to be very responsive to customer delivery expectations. We consistently achieve high ratings from our customers for on-time delivery and customer satisfaction. Manufacturing assemblers and technicians are certified to IPC DVD-54C (electrostatic discharge) and IPC J-STD-001 (soldering). Overall, the Operations Group commits with pride to delivering mission-critical tools to our valued customers; our internal motto is “Build it Right —Save a Life!”

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