IZLID 3-Watt

IZLID 3-Watt | IR Wide-Area Illumination | B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc.
IZLID 3-Watt | IR Pointing + Illumination | B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc.

IZLID 3-Watt

For unparalleled infrared wide-area illumination, the IZLID 3-Watt provides either 1-Watts, 2-Watts, or 3-Watts of output power with up to 5 degrees in beam divergence. Configured with an external electrical interface, the IZLID 3-Watt is the solution for high-power infrared illumination for both vehicles and aircraft.

Product Description

The IZLID® 3-Watt laser produces a long-range, wide IR flood with a 1000 mW to 3000 mW variable output for use with night vision or infrared sensitive camera systems. A multi-position switch allows the laser to be operated at three different power levels. The IZLID 3-Watt produces a variable high output infrared rectangular spot for long range covert illumination. With control of both the power and divergence, the IZLID 3-Watt is the ultimate night vision targeting and illumination system.

For shorter range capabilities, consider the IZLID 100P or 200P IR lasers.

Additional Information



Weight (with batteries)

11.7 oz



IR Point Range

20 km

IR Flood Range

3 km up to 5 degrees

Max Output


Power Supply Option

10-30V dc, 110 V ac adapter available


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