NanoPoint FLEX

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NanoPoint FLEX

The NanoPoint® Flex is a miniaturized laser module designed for incorporation into existing products or new systems under development. It provides a simple and cost‐effective way to integrate an IR laser pointer into an end‐use product, enhancing the overall capabilities of the system.

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Product Description



    • Compact size, lightweight and low power consumption.
    • Output power 50 mW at 852 nm.
    • Constant optical power; independent of ambient temperature or supply voltage variations.
    • CW or pulsed (via modulation).
    • Wide operating temperature range (‐40 to +85 °C).
    • Designed and tested for high shock and vibration environments.



  • Enhances products with long‐range pointing and illumination capabilities.
  • Easily integrated into space‐constrained designs.
  • Commercially available OEM laser module

Additional Information

Output Power

50 mW ±10%


852 ±20 nm

Beam Divergence

0.3 x 0.6 mrad

Control Interface

26‐gauge wires, 12 in (3 each)

Laser Command Fire

FIRE line low turns laser on

Power Requirements

+4.0 to +6V dc at <100 mA typical, Idle current <1 mA, Red = 4 to 6V dc; Black = COM; White = FIRE


Aluminum, chemical conversion coated, Class 3, Type II

Laser Head Dimensions

0.875 x Ø 0.50 in

Laser Driver Dimensions

0.450 x 0.90 x 0.225 in (not including mounting ears)


< 1 oz

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