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The PrecisionMarker® provides a simple and cost-effective way to integrate an IR laser pointer into an end-use product, enhancing the overall capabilities of the system. The PrecisionMarker comes with 150mW of output power in a precisely focused point at wavelength of 830nm. This laser comes with a low power, high power and pulsed mode that is easily selectable through the discrete electrical interface.

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Additional Information

Output Power

75-150 mW

Beam Divergence

.30 x .40 mrad


830 nm

Power Requirements

3-5 VDC @ <300mA


6061-T6 aircraft aluminums stainlesssteel hardware


1.5in length x 0.5in diameter ( laser head), 2.1 x 1.5 x 0.75 in (laser driver)


0.5 oz (laser head), 2 oz (laser driver)

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